[Avoid] Bad Credit

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

A very important part of our discovery work as world class solar consultants is fact finding our customer’s creditworthiness before committing to making a presentation. We not only show a higher degree of ethics by doing that, but we also provide better service by not creating false expectations and then running credit and lowering their credit scores even more.

In addition, we show true interest in our customer’s welfare; knowledge of our products and services; and above all, we show honesty and trust. Moreover, we significantly improve our relationship with the client through the process; increase the possibility of obtaining the contract and ultimately, generate more referrals in the future.

Keep in mind this inquiry will, in most cases, yield inaccurate responses, typically on the lower end of the scale. Therefore, since lenders are looking for a 650 or higher score, turn it up a notch to try get a more targeted result.

A simple subtle question could go like this... Mr. Customer, the best deal you will always make on this project is by funding it in cash. However, 99 percent of the time, people take advantage of the awesome long term, low interest financing. The only catch is you need to be at least above 660 credit score. Will that be ok with you if you like what you see and decided to move forward?

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