Find Your Target [Solar] Audience

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

If you haven’t read my previous article about the best rooftops suitable for solar, I recommend you to. Identifying the right home for solar will make great strides in your sales process. However, a qualified home doesn't always mean you have a qualified buyer. Finding a receptive ear can get a little trickier than just scoping out neighborhoods.

It is true that solar has steadily gained momentum in the last few years and that federal, state an local governments in the US are taking steps to further the adoption of sustainable energy. But political influence alone is not enough to incentivize homeowners to move to solar — otherwise we would see a much bigger number of homes in the US, even entire neighborhoods, with solar rooftops. So, who’s your target audience and how can you effectively weed out the few that oppose?

Thankfully, a recent study found that 70% of US residents favor a nationwide solar

panel mandate on new homes, of which the most receptive will be younger adults (male and female) in the age range between 25-34, whereas support gradually decreases as age increases. This is a huge leap in favor of environmental protection groups pushing for more sustainable development and good news for those of us in the solar industry. States like California, Texas and Florida are passing laws to protect, incentivize and even mandate in some cases, solar installations in their jurisdictions.

Support for solar is almost equal among renters and homeowners and across genders. In order to increase sales, Powur Solar Consultants must aim towards the young professional homeowner crowd first and work their way up through warm markets and online marketing tools such as those available on search engines and social media. New enrollments will greatly increase if you focus on the right audience. So, start with the younger ones and work your way up.

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