How To Enter & Submit A Lead/Project On The Powur Platform [Revised 2021 Version]

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Before submitting a lead, you should gather all the data required to complete the fields. Make sure to get the information in advance from your customer, so you don’t have to go back and ask or enter inaccurate information just to fill in the blanks. Log into; click on the plus sign to enter a new lead and enter the required data.

Required Lead Information

IMPORTANT: Typos, misspellings and omissions will not only delay the process but could also potentially be a cause for loosing the sale completely. Therefore, make sure to enter the correct information in the first place. 1. Full LEGAL Name of homeowner - Only add the primary loan applicant's information on the platform. However, get both names in case you need to switch names later or need to contact them.

2. Phone numbers of both homeowners and correct physical address (from electric bill).

3. Email address for both homeowners.

Choose a Mentor

If you're new to the system and under three personal sales, FIRST CHOOSE A MENTOR by scrolling down to the [Project People] section under the [Summary] tab on your project and click on the [Add Mentor] button. A search window will appear so you can refine your selection and choose your Mentor of preference for your project.

Upload Utility Bill

Upload a clean, complete legible copy of the electric bill. Verify the picture is legible when you zoom into it and that you’re not missing any pages. You can only upload one file, so make sure to create a PDF file if you have multiple pages so you can upload all pages in one. If in doubt, contact your Mentor for assistance.

How to calculate and input the annual kWh

Determine the annual usage by adding the monthly consumption using the graph found on the bill. If there's no graph on the bill, ask your Mentor to assist you in determining usage.

4. Utility Company Name.

5. Installer Name from the drop down menu.

6. Age and type of roof.

7. Main Service Panel - this information is needed to determine if a main panel upgrade (MPU) is required—200 amp required for most solar installations.

8. Installation preference (roof, ground or both).

9. HOA contact information if applicable. (Name and Phone number required but additional information can be added to the notes section).

10. Payment option (cash or loan).

11. Add any relevant helpful notes in the notes section. Use your Mentor if you get stuck in any stage of the process. For faster response, it is recommended to exhaust your immediate local resources through your Mentor of choice and up-line before asking for online support from the Pre-sales team on the Powur Platform.

Your resources through Powur University and the platform support line is there to assist you throughout your journey to a successful solar career with Powur. However, your success will have direct correlation to your why, personal goals, habits, work ethic and determination.

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