How & When To Use Powur Energy Mentoring :

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

All new consultants must be lead by a Mentor of their choosing at least for the first three sales. You may want to extend your use of mentoring services to secure a sale beyond your required training period to increase your chances of making a sale if you still feel the need for assistance—just be aware that you will have to surrender 50 percent of earned commissions with your Mentor if you choose to use one (keep in mind that 50 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing).

Steps & Rules When Securing a Mentor

Make sure you feel comfortable working with the Mentor, by preferably talking with the Mentor BEFORE you choose them in the system and to let them know you will be using their services. This is to get a feel for the way they like to work and make sure it is the right fit for both of you.

Enter the lead in the system and submit the lead; then choose the Mentor in the Projects section under the Summary Tab in the system (bottom left corner). Then pin the site using the blue bulb on the map and click save. Once completed, go to the Site Info tab to upload a clear, complete and legible copy of the electric bill and fill in the data required for a proposal following the steps outlined in this previous post—then click save.

PLEASE DO NOT request a proposal and much less a proposal revision if you’re using a Mentor regardless of whether you are allowed. Your Mentor will request the proposal once the data entered has been dully reviewed and will handle all the proposal revision inquiries if needed.

What To Do Once the Proposal Arrives

Expect a callback from your Mentor to discuss the proposal, the course of action, availability and clear out questions and concerns each may have. Once discussed THEN call the customer to set an appointment for the presentation—making sure ALL parties are present and available during the presentation!

Both, Mentor and Consultant must be present as well during the proposal presentation (regardless of wether personal or zoom). Only the Mentor will direct the presentation. The consultant’s role at this point is limited to doing the proper introductions and sit back and listen. Turn off phones and limit interjections to the absolute musts or when prompted by the Mentor.

What Happens After The Sale?

If sold, the Mentor will handle ALL communication with the Powur Project Coordinator through If questions or concerns arise, please refer back to your Mentor for answers. Schedule a meeting with your Mentor to discuss the project and the steps moving forward as well as go over any questions, doubts or concerns surfaced during the process.

What Happens If Not Sold?

Your Mentor should be adding notes in the system explaining the outcome to keep track of the lead progress. If follow up calls are needed to close the sale, the strategy should be coordinated with your Mentor to designate the contact person and follow up time-frame.

How & When To Change Mentors

If you’ve carefully followed the steps outlined above, changing Mentors should happen on very rare occasions and for very specific reasons—having said that, it still could happen. In those cases, you should have a talk with your Mentor as to why you wish to switch Mentors and come to an agreement on how you will handle the transition.

Your Mentor must agree to surrender the lead in order to complete the change and only the Mentor must initiate the request AFTER and agreement has been reached through specifying the customer name; lead number; consultant’s name and outlining the reasons for the change. The Consultant should also be included on the email thread.

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