Q Cells and LG [What to Know]

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

If you're unsure about the value proposition of the modules we carry through our partnership with Powur and how they stack against the competition, be rest assured we offer the top two best selling solar panels in the U.S. The quality of the modules can be easily overlooked if you focus solely on kilowatt hour (kWh) savings or a lower monthly payment. However, you can't harness sunlight (DC) and convert it into a usable form of energy (AC) without solar panels — and if we offered some random cheap panels, your solar investment just wouldn't yield enough to pay you back over time.

Q Cells

It's amazing how many different solar modules and manufacturers are out there and the quality and prices range greatly. Out of this ocean of options, Hanwha Q Cells happen to be currently ranked number one in the U.S. with over 25% of the residential market share and over 13% of the commercial market as of April 27, 2020. This is a big milestone for Q cells, since it marks the first time it leads both markets in the U.S. and the first time a solar manufacturer assumes 25% or greater control of the market.

Made in The USA

September 2019 marked a decisive milestone in Q Cells’ rise to running the distributed generation markets. Hanwha opened its 300,000 square foot solar panel manufacturing plant in Dalton, Georgia, providing over 650 full time jobs with a whopping 1.7 GW of annual production capacity. Supply is never ending as production can turn out 12,000 modules per day at its peak.

In summary, Q Cells are American made, Korean owned, German engineered modules. The technology originated in Germany in 1999 founded by Q Cells AG and the first production line for poly-crystalline solar cells went into operation in 2001 in Thalheim, Germany. The company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions until it was finally acquired by Hanwha in 2012 — a multi-billion dollar international company founded in 1952 with multiple branches in different industries. From cell production to power-plant construction and project financing, Hanwha now offers seamless end-to-end solar production.

Q Cells Products We Carry

The Q.ANTUM DUO Technology combines cutting edge advancements in cell separation technology with round wires – reducing both electrical and optical losses, respectively. The half-cell design minimises cell stress reducing the potential for micro cracks in the field.

The new Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 solar module from Q CELLS is a compact yet high performance-aesthetically-apealing module thanks to the innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology. Q.ANTUM's state-of-the-art technology achieves the highest performance in all weather conditions.

Q.PEAK DUO-G7315-330 HIGH-PERFORMANCE provide a great value proposition and is the ideal solution for rooftop arrays on residential buildings.

Q Cells Price Point and Warranty

The best part of the Q Cells value proposition is its price point on our platform. Q Cells not only provides above average production capacity, but it also has the lowest cost of goods and reliability with an inclusive 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty.

LG Solar

We are also an LG Solar preferred partner — the number two ranked panel manufacturer in the U.S. holding 17% of the residential solar market. LG's been a very popular choice in recent years, especially for commercial applications.

The bulk of LG Solar modules offered on the marketplace are the company’s high-performance NeON2 and NeONR modules, which feature copper wire interconnection and back contact designs, respectively. Overall LG’s products fall into a similar efficiency range, spanning from 18.4% to 21.1% for its highest efficiency models.

Our LG Product Lineup

LG Business Solutions recently launched a new generation of solar modules in the United States – the latest LG NeON® 2 panels featuring even higher efficiency and greater performance characteristics than earlier models. The LG NeON® 2 is quickly becoming LG’s best selling solar module, and is one of the most powerful and versatile modules on the market today. Featuring LG’s Cello Technology, the LG NeON® 2 increases power output. New updates include an extended performance warranty to 90.08% to give customers higher performance and reliability. LG achieved the efficiency improvement by using larger wafers, which reduce the white space between cells while keeping the traditional industry format of 60 cells for residential applications.

LG Warranty

The quality, performance reliability and aesthetics of LG panels makes it an excellent choice for high end residential projects, despite the fact that they are one of the most expensive solar modules in the industry, right under Sun Power. LG solar panels use only the highest grade silicone available on the market and offer a best in the industry 25-year product, performance and labor warranty.

Strategic Partnerships

A top of the line product line is only as good as the installation crew working on your projects. We've assembled a national web of best-in-class solar installers so we can assign providers to the right project, so homeowners can feel confident they are receiving world class service.

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