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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Two important facts should be noted before opening the forum to discuss SunBright Networks role in the solar industry.

1. There are more people alive today than have ever lived before.

2. An hour of solar energy equals the energy consumption of the entire world for a whole year.

Independently of which side of the climate change discussion you stand, the global shift to sustainable energy is undoubtedly spreading like wildfire. Studies suggest more homeowners in the US will go solar in the next two years than in the last 40 combined.

The worlds population keeps growing at a rapid pace and regardless of man made efforts to cover up our skies, the sun shows no signs of dimming down.

The sudden overdrive move to residential solar power is poised to become arguably the single most important event in history and it could swiftly create more millionaires than any other industry ever!

As a Powur Energy Independent Consultant group, SunBright Networks aims to be a star player in the solar industry revolution. Powur Energy is the first and only online solar platform that allows regular joes to not just start their own solar business with negligible investment, but also become true experts in the field in record time.

Founded by a young Jonathan Budd in 2014, Powur morphed from a referral solar business opportunity to Solar City-Tesla, into a full blown solar energy powerhouse.

Thousands of Powur Solar Consultants are rapidly climbing the ladder towards financial independence in several states across the country, while they help others do the same. It is a brilliant business model which blends ideas from organizations in the likes of Uber, Amazon, Costco and EXP.

Powur has taken the solar industry to a whole different level and is doing things never offered before in the global solar spectrum. While other companies struggle to find new leads, Powur's direct sale approach allows SunBright Networks the flexibility to scale our business and earn the highest commissions ever paid to sales consultants in the field.

We highly endorse the Powur platform as a legitimate income generating business opportunity.

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