Turn a [solar] No into a YES!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

You can turn a "no I don't want solar" into a "yes I want solar" by making sure to clear out buyer doubts and misconceptions right from the start.

It is true that not all homes are good for solar—you can learn more about that on my previous post about that subject. However, even if the home had a great location and roof-line, a professional Solar Consultant must come to grips with the fact that not every homeowner qualifies for a solar system or will unassumingly see the value.

Case Study

I recently served this nice older lady who's retired on a fixed modest budget, with the capacity to finance or otherwise, has enough savings to pay for the proposed system in cash. She was enthused about the project because her neighbors recently installed solar panels and are happy with the savings.

Our proposed solar array yielded 100 percent offset, thereby replacing all of the energy she consumed in her home for the same average monthly bill she currently has. Slam dunk you would thinkor not...

After a seemingly successful presentation, being a single elderly lady living by herself on a fixed income, it was common that she wanted to consult with other trusted parties to ensure she was making a smart investment. Anyone would assume this was clearly a wise investmentsince there was no need for an initial cash outlay, which added to the average 4% increase in home value and locking in the cost of electricity sounds like a "no brainer".

Surprisingly, the homeowner decided to pass on the offer following (in my opinion) ill advise from her tax advisorwho stated she was better off maintaining her status quo, because her taxable income was not enough to capitalize on the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Needless to say, regardless of my argument, damage was already done and there was nothing I could say without sounding like a desperate drowning swimmer.

Lesson learned? Never assume everyone will see value in your [solar] proposal the same way you see it and always remember that customers buy for their own reasons and only their reasons, not yours. So, moving forward, the standard course of action should always include a Q&A session covering this type of subjects and clearing out the solar ITC doubts before they arise.

Always emphasize on the key positive points of solar—i.e., why invest in solar now? or what's the property value gain for a solar investment? or maybe, what's the long term benefit of solar?—just to give you a few pointers. Keep this in mind when you find yourself facing this type of objections or push backs:

Why invest in solar now?

1. The first thing to realize is that every day wasted paying an electricity bill is costing the homeowners money they will never recover.

2. Secondly, renewable energy is a booming trend picking up speed by the minute. So, it is important to point out that costs will evidently increase along with demand.

3. Federal, state and local legislation are pushing hard towards mandating new laws meant to protect homeowners who wish to go solar and push forward the national shift to renewable energy—but consequently will also eliminate the need to incentivize people who take initiative.

What's the property value gain for a solar investment?

Studies suggest home buyers are willing to pay up to $4.00 more per watt of solar power. In other words, that means a house with an average-size solar photovoltaic system (3.6 kilowatts, or 3,600 watts) will roughly increase $15,000 in value compared with an identical home without one.

What's the long term benefit of solar?

1. First off, homeowners can stop renting their electricity and capitalize on a solid investment that will pay off for many, many years.

2. They can also take control of the payments by knowing exactly what their outlay is every month and budget accordingly.

3. Finally, homeowners can put a date at the end of their solar loan and break free from the monopoly of utility companies.

Initiating the conversation with a Q&A session and ending the dialog honing in on these key pointers will ensure a Professional Solar Consultant that the customer is fully informed and equipped to make a much faster, intelligent decision, with accurate and up to date information.

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